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Our simple origins began as a make shift band hired to play for a local Robert Burns celebration several years ago. We were having so much fun that we decided to make it real.


Our name comes from a style of whisky made on the island of Islay, Scotland. They use a method that produces an odd smokey flavor savored by a select group of weird single malt Scotch drinkers referred to as "Peatheads."


We mix our music between fast, and just fast enough. Our upbeat blend of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Breton tunes provides for a wide range of listening.


We play traditional pub songs, jigs, polkas, reels, pirate songs, and some off the wall stuff, too. From "The Irish Rover" to "Ziguezon" we cover it all, almost.


Who are "The Peatheads"? Mike and Steph have been around the Celtic music scene for many years, but their roots go back to 1968. Mike was the member of a duo who opened for some of the biggest names in music and connected with Steph when his old partner went on to another career. Mike and Steph were also part of the Irish group "Greene Daye" as featured on Season 1 of the NBC television show "Community", Episode 10, titled "Environmental Science." One Twitter account said..."The Greene Daye from #Community is way better than the real Green Day."


Greg went from drumming in a high school marching band to punk. He's been a drummer for many years and really connected with Celtic music. He keeps the beat and brews beer. I perfect combination.


We have covered our share of concerts in the park, pubs, festivals, wakes, wedding, and much, much more. We just like to play.

Give us a try!


The Band

Looking for a new band...check out "The Peatheads"

Mike Adams (Vocals - 12 string guitar - 6 string - 6 string, brass and steel  guitar - Harmonica)

Stephanie Adams (Vocals - Accordion - Harmonium)

Greg Foster (Vocals - Electronic drums - Bodhran)

"Peathead Land" Islay, Scotland

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